Monday, July 21, 2008

Last night, my neighbor across the street found this little bugger on his back patio. OH MY GOSH! Thankfully, his DOG wasn't the one who discovered him, as a scorpion this size could KILL a dog. Anyway, I just thought I'd take some pics for ya'll to see. We let him go (far away from here!)


  1. lisabirdgirl said...
    Oh SICK!!! Between scorpions and tarantulas, . . . .I hope you have some heavy duty insect/rodent repellent! That just creeps me out!
    Maryann said...
    Where do you live the Mojave desert? You have such nasty critters roaming around searching for you to bite and sting you!!!I can't believe that you let him go to just come and find your house next time! You should have popped that little sack by his pincher and then discarded him properly! Disgusting! I am glad that i just have my little slithery snakes!
    Sue said...
    Oh my scary!!!! I can't belive you live somewhere that you find these kinds of things. You keep those kids and dogs in the house! Do not let them out!! Yuck! I'm all creeped out, too!

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