Friday, September 26, 2008

Ok, so I just HAD to post that I took 1st place at BMX the other night. (And NO, I wasn't the only racer!) ha ha.

I usually say, "Well, I took 3rd! Pretty good, eh?" And then the question: "How many people were there?" And I have to answer... "ummm.... three?" LOL! Then the race last week, I WAS the only one in my class to race, so they put me with these 12 year old Intermediates. They KILLED me! (of course) But... still took 3rd haha. Last night there were 3 ladies in my class, so we all had to race the 2 moto's, and the main. I dominated all 3. :) yay. Finally... a first place trophy!


  1. lisabirdgirl said...
    And no broken bones even!! Good job BMX-sis!
    Maryann said...
    what.......did the other racers have flat tires? LOL did they forget to put the chains on thier bikes and just stood like dummies in one spot while you pedaled around the track? Just kidding. Be thankful that you are still in shape to do such stunts and not get many more years until you are 30???? eeewwwwww, this could be one RUUUUDE awakening!

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