Friday, September 18, 2009

Brooke's beautiful bridal pics.

Thanks for letting me shoot then for ya!!

Some of Brooke's Bridal shot. She is so beautiful. Makes me look like a real pro!! :)


  1. Andrea said...
    WOW!! These are so beautiful Natalie! Every one is awesome but my favs are the light post and waterfall. Nice job! Where is that waterfall?
    Nat said...
    Thanks Andrea! :0) There are tons more of the light post too... I'll post 'em so you can see. We were shooting up in Logan (where she lives). You are SO good at photo's! I looked at your new website, and LOVED LOVED it!! GREAT JOB!!!
    And next time you find a workshop to go to, gimme a heads up, kay? I want to go to another one!!
    Kristi Veale said...

    Those pictures are great. I love all of them. I have been a little on the slacker side of things. Great job! =)
    Kristen and Garrett Halligan said...
    Hey it's Kristen (Jacobson) Halligan, I want to do some family pics with all the fall colors, how much do you charge? :) Email me, Thanks!
    mark lawrence said...
    Lovely gorgeous bride! My friend's bridal shower was a night full of dance and fun. Dinner was of exquisite quality. Different varieties of snacks were mouth watering. Loved the party favors kept on pretty tables. Bourbon scotch and Tiramisu had a great taste. Thinking to book the same venue NYC for my niece's first birthday party next month.

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