Thursday, July 10, 2008

The latest 'activity' that Kye and Kalob are into at the moment is BMX racing. I gotta be honest... it's not MY favorite, because I just don't think it's fun to sit out in 95 degree weather with a newborn and a toddler and try to watch my boys race on a dusty, dirty track! But that's another story. The boys LOVE it. Kye is a natural (as he is at all physically challenging things), and Kalob... well, I won't say he's a 'natural', but he really loves it and is learning a lot, and he's actually really good for this being his first year. They both went to a BMX clinic the other night to learn technique, etc. Anyway, here are some pics from a recent race.

Kalob going down the home stretch.

Kye (on the right)

Oh, and one more little note: Last Tuesday night at about 9:30 p.m., Kye calls me on my cel phone and says "meet me at the instacare...Kalob needs stitches! He just fell off his bike!" Yes. He was riding around the neighborhood (no, it was NOT at BMX) and somehow hit something, or went to fast and flew off, cracking open his chin. Kye went running up the street to find Kalob leaning over, as blood was gushing out, and creating a giant pool at his feet, and splashing all over his shoes and socks clear up to his knees. Pretty gross. But Kye, being the quick thinker he is, just played it cool. He took off his work gloves, turned one inside out and told Kalob to hold it on his chin and put pressure. Then we met at instacare. Any of you who know Kalob, know that he is such a mellow kid. And you would think that at a time like this, he might just lose it and become upset and cry and moan and be worried, but let me assure you... he did NOT. He was as stoic as ever. Calm as a cat. In fact, I never saw or heard him cry about it once. So, he ended up with 9 stitches. I just HAD to snap some pics w/my cel phone, so I'll post them for your morbid viewing pleasure!

I took this w/my cel phone, and it's obviously pretty blurry (probably for the best!) but you can kinda see how huge the gash was! EWWW!

My stoic Kalob. Hardly even flinched.

Here come the stitches. 3 on the inside, 6 on the out.

All stitched up!

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  1. Maryann said...
    sis of all sisters!!! That should seriously be on Discovery health channel. He and uncle Nate will have matching scars! I hope he is ok.

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