Monday, July 7, 2008

This weekend, our family went camping in Fairview Canyon with 3 other families from our ward, the Egberts, the Callaps, and the Holmans. It was so so so beautiful up there, and the weather was PERFECT. It was the first time we've ever really taken the trailer out and camped in it. We've used it a bunch of times at the ATV and BMX tracks, but this was the first CAMP trip. We camped in a beautiful meadow, rode the heck out of the 4 wheelers and Ranger, and ate yummy food. I spent a lot of time painting the kids' faces (which they all seemed to LOVE!), so I got to practice a lot on them! Thanks guys! (and girls.)

I'd never painted anything quite like these butterflies, and didn't think I could do it... but the girls insisted, and they turned out pretty good! Then T.J. had the bright idea for me to try painting a MONSTER symbol on his face (another one I wasn't sure I could pull off.), but THAT turned out ok too! So then all the boys wanted them, so I painted away! It was fun. Curtis wanted a soccer ball with flames instead tho... so that's why he doesn't have an M on his face. And of course, Miss Haven just HAD to be in this pic.

I'm already excited about our NEXT trip to Fairview canyon because I loved it so much. There were cows everywhere which was interesting. Bodey's inner Shepherd came out, and he chased them away from our camp whenever he could with his ferocious barking! What's worse? Cows mooing in your camp, or a big dog barking!? Depends who you ask, I think. He also got in a lot of running, of course. There was a natural spring not far from our camp where he frequented for drinks.... AND also just to take a nice cold dip. A farm dog at heart, but trapped in suburbia with us until we get to Huntsville!

Once I figure out how this whole BLOGGING thing works (as you can see... this is only my second post) I will create a slide show w/all the pics I have from the trip. If any of you have MORE pics, please email them to me. Thanks for such a fun weekend! Can't wait to do it again.

Kye and Landon

Haven and Reagan on Haven's *pink 4 wheeler*


  1. Sue said...
    Love the pictures! The one of the three kids is priceless - handsome Kalob and beautiful Haven with that gorgeous smile. Landon has tons of hair! The camping looks like fun. Remember all our camping trips when you were just a kid? Makes me so homesick for those days.
    Mom Bird said...
    ditto to what Sue said!
    Mandy said...
    Oh, looks like you guys had so much fun! Glad you had a good time!

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