Tuesday, July 22, 2008

On Sunday, we got to go to Colton McKay's farewell in Huntsville (our favorite place!). He did SUCH a great job with his talk. (Something I envy since I have a near-nervous-break-down at the mere THOUGHT of speaking at the dreaded pulpit!) Chad & Wendy have done a great job raising Colton (and all the kids) in the gospel. Their family is a great example to Kye and I, and we really look up to them. Here are some cute pics of the kids on that huge, wonderful tree swing in their backyard.


  1. Jeff & Brit said...
    I love your blog so fancy...we need to get together soon
    love love
    Tiffany said...
    i love the blog! i totally forgot that you had it!!
    ps will you email me all those pics?
    STACY said...
    Your kids are absolutely adorable!

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