Sunday, November 2, 2008

These are some pics I took for my sister of her boys. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out. Still a LONG way to go in the photography department, but making some progress. Thanks for letting me practice on you!! :)
P.S. All the individual pics of the boys are(or WERE) on the laptop, which Haven spilled a drink on last night. :( We'll see if it's still alive tomorrow.


  1. Sixx said...
    Natalie you are doing amazing with your photography! I have to say this pic of the four boys on that edge of the wood with the mtn in the background is one of the coolest family pics I've ever seen! Awesome job!!!
    lisabirdgirl said...
    I'd have to agree with "sixx"! . . .especially since they're MY kids! ;) You did awesome Nat, especially since we were running out of daylight and seemed to be in a bit of a hurry! Thanks for taking them! They all turned out great - keep it up (and you can use my kids any time you want to practice!) Love you sis!
    Zane, Fallon,Taden and Damian said...
    Natalie, hey this is fallon (zane's wife) your blog is sooooooo cute. I love your baby pics of landon, so precious!I didn't know you took pics! I love doing that too, but i'm not good at it! anyways i had such a blast with you and your hubby at the soccer game! Time of m life! thanks again, and i will email over the pics to you. Tootles,fallon

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