Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ok. Since winter is upon me now, and since I have nothing better to post about, I wanted to put up these pics of summer, just to give me the warm fuzzies. Haven and I planted tomato's in the Spring. There's NOTHING better than garden fresh tomatoes. Once you have them, it's dang near impossible to choke down a store-bought tomato. Anyway, they remind me of summer and long days and warm nights. I miss them (the long days and warm nights) already, (and I guess the tomato's too!) and it's only the beginning of December. My nightly runs with Bodey have gone from a joy to a job to a dread. I HATE the cold. So, sadly, instead of every night.... it's more like every OTHER night. Sometimes, every THIRD night. Poor dog. :( What a lousy owner I am.


I know... perfection.

Yummy tuna sandwich with tomato and cheese!! MMMMM



  1. lisabirdgirl said...
    MMMMM! I'm salivating with just the thought and pics of a juicy tomato fresh off the vine! That looks so yummy! I'm with you all the way....LOVE SUMMERTIME!!! Hey, I think we've hit the shortest day of the year already!!...know what that means?!? :)
    Janessa and Nick said...
    Hey Natalie! Thanks for coming to Cole's blog! Your pictures are great! I love summer too! If you need some photoshop pointers, I would love to help you. Have a great day!
    Sixx said...
    Oh wow that IS perfection and I so miss garden fresh tomatoes. There really is nothing like them! I miss summer so much too, but guess what, we are in Jan already so the winter is almost over! heheh I'm a bad owner too. I try to at least get Cloey out and play with her in the yard but we walk about once a week now, and seems only when the sun is shining. Winter sucks! LOL..brr!! I hate the cold. Though this snow has been pretty I will be so glad when it is gone.
    Flash Jorgensen said...
    You're so great! Thanks for commenting on my blog! I love yours. You're going to LOVE Carin's class. I can't say enough good things about it. I have a friend that will be in her class too and she's fun. Her name is Andrea. You've started out a lot futher along than I did. I literally got my camera the week of the class. I didn't know much other than how to turn it on. So have fun. I hope you don't mind me checking in to see how you're doing every once in awhile. It's follow along.
    Jenn and Family said...
    Natalie....I love your blog! I can't believe your kid's injuries (stitches)! They & YOU must be very brave....I think I would of passed out! No stitches for us yet, but I'm sure they are bound to happen! Darling kids!!! ;-)

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