Sunday, August 17, 2008

Kye's mom came down to visit us and to watch the kids while we cleaned out our garage and then went out on a date for our 5 year anniv. While we were on our way home from seeing a movie, we got a call from Marival: "I think Haven needs stitches." YIKES! She had taken them to Arctic Circle, and Haven and Kalob were chasing each other around, and she cracked her skull open on a table. It was gross. I didn't want to look, but I had to because I was the one who held her while we drove to instacare. She wasn't as stoic as Kalob, but after a while, did pretty well. Marival handled it like an old pro, thank goodness! (Sorry it had to happen while YOU were on duty!) Kalob felt bad, like it was his fault. :( He was just worried about her... he's a sweet boy.

Kye was able to snap one nasty pic of her w/Betadyne (sp) all over her head, in case you just HAVE to see!


  1. Natalie said...
    Oh that poor little cutie...and mommie! I bet it was hard to see her like that. Luckily Halle hasn't had to have stitches yet, but we have had to call the paramedics which was scary enough.
    Maryann said...
    ouch! Give little Haven giant kisses from the clan in Oregon!

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