Wednesday, September 3, 2008

*SIGH* Yes, it's true. Summer is (or seems) officially gone. The nights have that crisp air, and the sun is different, and the shadows have moved. They seem longer now. The past 2 or 3 days have been FABULOUS, however. Sunny and WARM... not blistering hot. Today was actually a little chilly as Haven and I and Landon were at the park eating lunch. Her little preschool class had a get-together there. It was a good day for it.

Hmm... let's see. What have we been up to lately?

Kalob is going to Denver this weekend for his Aunt's wedding. (Wade's sister). He was sick all last week, like the rest of us, and missed 3 days of school! Feeling much better now though. He also has plans to go to Vermont and then Niagra Falls with Wade at the end of this month. I don't like him going so far away... but I don't want him to miss out on an opportunity to travel and see something as amazing and beautiful as Niagra Falls.

Haven is loving preschool...and playing make believe. Her imagination is AMAZING. She pretends a box in her room is a school bus and makes me sit on it (and buckle up), and she drives me to school. "Don't forget your school folder!" she said to me! ha ha ha. So cute. she also loves to play 'school', and she's ALWAYS the teacher. Maybe it comes natural to her cuz she's so bossy! jk She likes to line her dollies up and various other toys and then say "EVERYONE LISTEN TO TEACHER! IT'S TEACHER'S TIME TO TALK!" I really need to get the video camera out, so you can get the whole scope of it. It's so cute.

Landon is my little chubber. From 5 lbs 15 oz at birth, to 15 pounds currently!! HOLY MACARONI!! (as Haven would say) He's still a sweet sweet baby. Hardly ever fusses or cries and is content to just watch the kids and dogs come and go. He's smiling a lot now, and has laughed a few times.

Kye: well... he was in the E.R. last night. Yes. Fell off his bike for the THIRD time at BMX last night. Landed HARD on his tail bone. It started swelling up till he has this big bubble booty and hurt like a mother - . I started freaking out because I thought with all that swelling, that maybe he'd broken his tail bone or something, or that it might cause nerve damage and paralize him!! (I know, I know... silly girl... always thinking the worst.) So, they took xrays to see if it was broken and an ultra sound to see about blood clots or something like that. Pretty much, they said "you're going to be in severe pain for a while. Here's some pain meds. Good luck." *sigh* In case you're wondering, yes, I DID tell him he can't ride BMX anymore.

Me: Well, I'm combating the usual 'end of summer blues'. I DO love Fall, but it's a kind of love/hate thing. I'm back on the PROZ and that is helping. But one thing I hate about it is it gives me cotton mouth. SOOOO annoying. And second, it's almost like it makes me MORE aware of my thoughts. Does that make sense to anyone? It's kind of like I'm really 'in tune' with my inner voice (which is a hag, by the way), and so it's even more annoying. I dunno... my mind is just crazy sometimes. But my mood seems to be doing better. oooh oooh... and one thing I'm looking SO FORWARD TO: a photography workshop! It's a 12 hour workshop w/this lady from Bountiful (I think that's where she's from), and you meet her and several other students and she teaches you first of all, how to USE your camera and set apeture and shutter speed and ISO and all that jazz. And then you go around learning technique and composition, and all that yummy kind of stuff I need to know! The sad part is, it's not till March :( It seems SO far away! I can't WAIT!


  1. Mandy said...
    I can't believe Landon is 15 pounds. Holy cow! And, you need to get Kye to be more careful! :) Like you could force him to do anything...

    We really need to get together soon, I miss you guys!
    Staci said...
    I love reading your blog!!.. You crack me up... and you remind me so much of ME. I'm with you on summer coming to an end. How depressing! We need to get the girls together again soon. Addi had so much fun playng with Haven.

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